HZ University of Applied Sciences Chess Tournament 2024

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Supply your FIDE-id.
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Your town will be printed on your namecard.
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A bye is possible in round 2 or 3 for half a point.
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Stichting Schaak Walcheren (SSW) collects, pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, under f, of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the information referred to in Article 2 of the Privacy Statement (see website under 'Information') for the purposes described in Article 3. The SSW will only provide your relevant personal data to the Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaakbond for the rating processing of tournament match results.
The undersigned (if a minor, a parent or guardian) agrees to the use of images for the website and social media of the SSW.
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NOTA BENE: It is possible that during the tournament representatives of the press, radio and televison do their job to inform the public over the tournament, including taking and publishing pictures. The General Data Protection Regulation does not apply to their activities.
SSW has the right to not accept a new participant without stating reasons.

The registration-fee is € 70 when registration and payment have been done before May 1st 2024, € 80 in case of registration from May 1st up to July 1st 2024 and € 90 in case of registration from July 1st 2024.
GM (WGM) and IM (WIM) are free of registration-fee.
FM (WFM) pays half the applicable registration-fee.

Your registration is complete only after payment is received on
NL56 RABO 0117 0969 62 (BIC code RABONL2U), on behalf of Stichting Schaak Walcheren
in Vlissingen, and your registration is confirmed by the organisation.
In case of unforeseen circumstances the tournament organization may at any time decide to cancel the tournament or to proceed it in a modified form.
Please take these considerations into account when booking your accommodation.
Please add your FIDE id to your payment, so it can be matched to your registration.